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About Geography Department


Name :-Prof. Sima Baba Kambale
Designation:- ( Asst. Professor)
Qualification:-M.A. SET PHD (pursuing)
Email ID:-kambleseema84@gmail.com
Contact No.:- 9834169317, 7219336064
Experience in Years:
Subjects Taught:
Elements of Geomorphology, Geography of Disaster Management, Human Geography,Environmental Awareness
Academic Profile:


Sr.No. Facility Details
1 Prof. Seema Kambale Various seminars, guest lectures by eminent personalities from Institutions


Research & Publications

Department Research

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Department Research Publication

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Student's Achievements

Academic Calendars

    Sr.No. Information Download File
    1 Academic Calendar 2019-20 download
    2 Academic Calendar 2020-21 download
    3 Department of Geography Academic Calendar 2023-24 download


Images of Departmental Activities

Department Event Files
Sr. No Dept Name Title Document
1 Geography(Humanities and Arts) Test 123 Paper2-2.pdf
2 Geography(Humanities and Arts) Annual Report18-19 Geography Annual Report 2018-19-converted.pdf
3 Geography(Humanities and Arts) Report 2019-20 geoghraphy.pdf
4 Geography(Humanities and Arts) Annual Report 2017-18 Shinde S .B SIR 5-4-18.pdf
5 Geography(Humanities and Arts) Annual Report 2016-17 shinde sir document (1).pdf
6 Geography(Humanities and Arts) Annual Report 2022-23 Annual report 22-23 Geography.pdf

Contact Information

Name:-Dr.Shivaji Baborao Shinde
Designation:-Asso. Professor
Email Id:-shinde16shivaji@gmail.com
Mobile Number:-8975446205