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About Marathi Department

Department of Marathi has been established in 1994-95 and Post Graduate course has started been 2003-04.

The Department has a very well equipped library.

Internet Facility for Staff and Students.

Arrange Various programs to enhance interest and knowledge of the Subject.


Name :-Dr. Vijay Vitthal Balghare
Designation:- ( Asst. Professor)
Qualification:-MA,SET,NET M.PHIL, P.HD, BJ
Email ID:-vijaybalghare@gmail.com
Contact No.:- 9921930173
Experience in Years:
Subjects Taught:
Academic Profile:

Name :-Prof. kiran ramdas gadhave
Designation:- ( Asst. Professor)
Email ID:-kirangadhave99@gmail.com
Contact No.:- 9921494693, 8796608073
Experience in Years:
Subjects Taught:
Academic Profile:


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Student's Achievements

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Department Event Files
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1 Marathi(Humanities and Arts) Annual Report 18-19 IMG_20190505_081210.pdf
2 Marathi(Humanities and Arts) मराठी भाषा संवर्धन पंधरवडा अहवाल 1-15th Jan 2019 IMG_20190505_090749.pdf
3 Marathi(Humanities and Arts) क्रांतीज्योती सावित्रीबाई फुले जयंती कार्यक्रमाचा अहवाल IMG_20190505_093029.pdf
4 Marathi(Humanities and Arts) भाषिक सर्वेक्षण अहवाल IMG_20190505_093701.pdf
5 Marathi(Humanities and Arts) मराठी राजभाषा गौरव दिन २७ फेब्रुवारी २०१९ IMG_20190505_104026.pdf

Contact Information

Name:-Prof.Vijay Vitthal Balghare
Designation:-Asst. Professor
Email Id:-vijaybalghare@gmail.com
Mobile Number:-9921930173